Sunday, December 29, 2019

Tok Essay Knowledge Is Generated Through the Interaction...

Knowledge is generated through the interaction of critical and creative thinking. Evaluate this statement in two areas of knowledge. The way knowledge is generated is different among the various areas of knowledge, but the way we gain knowledge requires thinking, thought processes, and this may be either critical or creative. The two areas of knowledge I will be addressing are Natural sciences and the arts. The definition of critical thinking is to â€Å"judge† and thus implies the use of logical reasoning using convergent thinking. While creative thinking implies the opposite, using a divergent approach which will tend to reach a variety of possible results. Creative thinking is â€Å"producing† , like producing alternatives and therefore†¦show more content†¦Individuals are different, however when they are in a group, a crowd, they tend to converge and have the same attitudes or at least similar ideas. This example is just to show why we are biased in favoring critical thinking. We normally associate critical thinking with more â€Å"solid† subjects such as the natural sciences and math. Because in those subjects it seems that there is only one right answer and therefore â€Å"converging† is easier to demonstrate in those 2 areas of knowledge. On the other hand, subjects like art, seem to use creative thinking more. For example: coming up with new ideas to pain, a new story, a new poem, a different style to paint on a canvas, a different way to make a sculpture of something. So this shows how we tend to lean towards the natural sciences, because they seem more concrete, and therefore we are more biased to agree with a â€Å"converging† theory, which is the definition for critical thinking. In other words, critical thinking seems more â€Å"logical† and more â€Å"right†, of course this could lead to questions such as why is being â€Å"logical† more appealing and why can’t creative thinking be logical as well. Well we are logically trying to diverge from old ideas and finding new ways of thinking or new knowledge. One of the examples is in art, the shift in styles such as from Romanticism to Realism to Impressionist art. Each was formed because it was a creative form of the other one. Didn’t these ideas

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