Friday, January 31, 2020

Purpose Of The Academic Community Essay Example for Free

Purpose Of The Academic Community Essay The continuous and dynamic research in the academic community provides an avenue for development and growth not only for the institution but also for the students and instructors as well. Due to the rapid changes happening in the world and the increasing effects of globalization, the academic community must also make a firm stand in addressing these changes to create continuity and stability. The main importance of doing research in the academe is creating new literature that paves the way for new knowledge. Through the years, there are emerging new issues that need to be addressed. Doing research can be vital in contributing to the study or field. Research is vitally important especially in the academic community due to the fields overall tendencies to continually change and evolve. Having appropriate foundation in conducting research can help academic institutions cope with the standards of education that will foster a better modes and mechanisms for teaching students. A fully research equipped academic institution can have many benefits that can spill to (1) students, (2) instructors and (3) the community. With the evolution of research, it can foster an environment for better facilitators and instructors. â€Å"Increased ability to attract highly qualified and motivated members of staff (both nationally and internationally)† (Aceto, 2005, p.2) In addition, increased research can also create a positive domino effect first with the school/university, instructors, the students and the community. In the end, conducting research in the academic community produces positive effects with the actors involved. Thus, there is a need to â€Å"strengthen the commitment to research-based teaching and post graduate education.† (Aceto, 2005, p.7) The challenge for educators and the academic community is maintaining sustainable measures and funding that will ensure the continuous development of such endeavor. This is an important determinant for success. References Aceto, L. (2005) The Importance of Research for a Modern University. [on-line] Retrieved November 8, 2007 from

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