Thursday, February 27, 2020

The illiad of homer, translated by richard lattimore Essay

The illiad of homer, translated by richard lattimore - Essay Example He refers to the priest as an old man and warns him never to loiter again in his compound in claim of his daughter. â€Å"Let me not find thee ,old man at the hollow barks, either now loitering, or hereafter returning, lest the staff and fillet of the god avail thee not† (Homer & Buckley 1). Agamemnon curses the priest and wishes him doom. He condemns the priest and even goes ahead to tell him he is not worthy scepter god’s protection. Agamemnon swears not to release the maiden till old age, and even at that time, he adamantly swears to take her in his Argive home for her to make his couch. The standoff between Agamemnon and the priest has worked to bring out the character of Agamemnon; as a ruthless and cunning person who won’t allow anything to stand his way towards his personal interests. It is however out of these characteristics that Agamemnon gains his popularity. It is funny how people get determined to acquire wealth. Hector is no exceptional. He proposes to end the war by a duel between Menelaus, the loved of Mars, and Paris, who is a woman-follower and seducer according to Hector. â€Å"The lyre and the gifts of Aphrodite would not be of use to you, and your combed hair and beauty, when you mingle in the dust† (Schein 54). The victor of th e war is to be awarded the beauty Hellen, the fairest of Priam’s daughters, and all her wealth (Leaf 135). Hector portrays Paris as an enemy of the people. He despises him as a useless person who did not even deserve to be born. In Hector’s eyes, Paris is a coward, a scandal, and scorn to all those who set their eyes on him. â€Å"There is no strength in your heart and there is not any valor.† (Schein 45). The family has not been left behind in the contribution of a certain behavior of the characters in the Illiad of homer. A good example is the family of Chryses, a priest who offers ransom to Agamemnon for the

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